[Barrelfish-users] System knowledge base microbenchmarks?

Michael N. Gagnon mgagnon at seas.harvard.edu
Tue Oct 6 12:14:13 MEST 2009

Hi Barrelfishers,

"Embracing diversity in the Barrelfish manycore operating system"
says that Barrelfish will use (or uses?) a "system knowledge base" to
educate system-resource policies and derives the SKB using "online
measurement and profiling."  The paper specifically mentions application
benchmarking but does not explicitly mention the use of
micro-benchmarking.  It seems micro-benchmarking would be useful to
measure properties of the hardware system  (like  X-Ray [1]).  Does
Barrelfish use micro-benchmarks this way?

[1] Kamen Yotov, Keshav Pingali, and Paul Stodghill.
X-ray: A tool for automatic measurement of hardware
parameters. In International Conference on the
Quantitative Evaluation of Systems, 2005.

Thank you,

Michael N. Gagnon
Computer Science Ph.D. Student, Harvard University

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