[Barrelfish-users] New release of Barrelfish

Timothy Roscoe troscoe at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Mar 1 15:25:43 CET 2011

We are (finally!) pleased, and immensely relieved, to announce a new 
release of the Barrelfish multikernel operating system.  The release can 
be downloaded from http://www.barrelfish.org/

The system has changed considerably since the last public release - 
among other things, the communication system has been restructured and 
we now support both 64- and 32-bit x86 architectures, the Intel SCC 
processor, as well as limited support for both ARM and Beehive cores.

We also expect to do releases much more frequently in the future.  While 
this is a tarball release, we hope to put in place anonymous Mercurial 
access soon.  We also have a backlog of further changes which should be 
released in the next few weeks.

Furthermore, there is now a public Wiki for user-contributed 
documentation and information on Barrelfish: http://wiki.barrelfish.org/.

Finally, if you use Barrelfish, we encourage you to ask questions, post 
comments, criticisms, suggestions, and, yes, even patches to the 
Barrelfish users list.  We are continuing to work on the system, and 
expect to release more functionality soon.

Very best wishes, and apologies for the long delay,

  -- The Barrelfish Team.

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