[Barrelfish-users] [Barrelfish] ERROR: frame_alloc failed under VirtualBox

Georgios Varisteas yorgos at kth.se
Fri Mar 11 15:37:23 CET 2011

Thanks for the quick reply. I must admit I feel silly since it was the most obvious thing. I didn't notice that Qemu is also using more RAM in the new release.

Best regards,
Georgios Varisteas

From: Simon Peter [speter at inf.ethz.ch]
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 3:31 PM
To: Georgios Varisteas
Cc: barrelfish-users at lists.inf.ethz.ch
Subject: Re: [Barrelfish] [Barrelfish-users] ERROR: frame_alloc failed under VirtualBox

Hi Georgios,

It looks like you're simply running out of RAM. Try giving more RAM to
the VirtualBox instance.

Hope this helps,

On 11.03.2011 15:28, Georgios Varisteas wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all congrats on the new release. However, while migrating I have encountered some problems. Till now I had been using VirtualBox for my test runs. I have attached the machine file. Booting the new release on this virtual-machine fails with the following error:
> ERROR: skb.0 in sbrk() ../lib/posixcompat/sbrk.c:50
> ERROR: frame_alloc failed
> Failure: (  libbarrelfish) Ram alloc failed due to constraints to mem_serv [LIB_ERR_RAM_ALLOC_MS_CONSTRAINTS]
> Failure: (          libmm) No matching node found [MM_ERR_NOT_FOUND]
> Cannot allocate stack space in alloc_stack_pairs()
> Qemu on the other hand boots fine. Since I depend on VirtualBox's functionality, which is not easily provided by either Qemu or VMware, does anyone have any hint as to where to start looking in order to solve this issue? I have been hesitant in diving into the source myself before asking, but I can certainly do it if I have to.
> Best regards,
> Georgios Varisteas

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