[Barrelfish-users] [Barrelfish] Question about aliases in flounder

Andrew Baumann Andrew.Baumann at microsoft.com
Sun Mar 20 18:38:34 CET 2011

Hi Akhi,

This is another instance of the problem that Flounder wants to "own" the definition of all types, and control their naming. As a workaround, I'd suggest just telling Flounder that the enum values have a suitable integer type (e.g. int32). In the current implementation, it shouldn't make any practical difference to the type safety or efficiency of marshalling.


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> Hi,
> I want to add enum objtype in one of the interface files.
> enum objtype is defined in generated code based on the input to Hamlet so I
> cannot statically define it in the interface files like we have done earlier with
> other enums and structs.
> I tried "alias blah enum objtype" in if/types.if but that results in the following
> error when blah is used in an interface file:
> flounder: Use of undeclared type 'blah' in
> "/home/asinghan/trees/caps/if/monitor_blocking.if" at l. 23 col. 69
> Is there an easy fix for this in flounder and if not, anyone got ideas for getting
> around this?
> akhi
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