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Wed Mar 30 14:04:18 CEST 2011

[Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this call for participation]

We're pleased to announce the full programme for the SFMA multi-core workshop, and keynote
talk from Andrew Baumann on his experience building software for non-cache-coherent systems.
Full details below.

Please consider attending the following workshop we are holding at EuroSys
2011 in Salzburg.

                     Call for Participation

Workshop on Systems for Future Multi-Core Architectures (SFMA'11)

               April 10th 2011,  Salzburg, Austria
                   Co-located with EuroSys 2011<http://eurosys2011.cs.uni-salzburg.at/welcome.php>


The current trend towards multi-core computing is of significant
importance to practitioners of systems-level software, such as
operating systems, language runtimes and virtual machines. As the
layer between application software and the underlying hardware,
systems-level software must directly tackle the challenges of
multi-core hardware (e.g., scalability, concurrency control and
data-sharing costs), while providing appropriate abstractions to
higher-level software. Future hardware is likely to increase the
challenges encountered by systems software due to increasing
system diversity, core heterogeneity, complex memory hierarchies,
dynamic core failure, and non-cache coherent shared memory.
However, the abundance of parallelism and potential for core
specialization and inter-core message passing hardware also
provide a number of new opportunities for system software. The
current shift in hardware design provides an exciting opportunity
to radically rethink the design and implementation of systems-
level software.

The workshop on Systems for Future Multi-Core Architectures
(SFMA'11) brings together researchers in the operating systems,
language runtime and virtual machine communities to exchange
ideas and experiences on the challenges and opportunities
presented by future multi-core hardware.

This is a full day workshop, consisting of a keynote speech by
Andrew Baumann on "Non-cache-coherent systems: The Barrelfish
experience", two technical sessions, and a panel discussion
will with leading experts in the field on the challenges faced
by systems software due to future multi-core architectures.

The full program is available at:

Program committee:
Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai (Intel)
Mats Brorsson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Juan Colmenares (University of California, Berkeley)
Stephan Diestelhorst (AMD)
Tim Harris (Microsoft Research Cambridge)
Hermann Härtig (TU Dresden)
Ross McIlroy (Microsoft Research Cambridge)
Derek Murray (University of Cambridge)
Timothy Roscoe (ETH Zürich)
Michael Scott (University of Rochester)
Jeremy Singer (University of Glasgow)
Joe Sventek (University of Glasgow)
Michael Swift (University of Wisconsin)
Ian Watson (University of Manchester)
Nickolai Zeldovich (MIT)

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