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Scheller, Andrea scheller at cepe.mavt.ethz.ch
Wed Oct 2 17:19:48 CEST 2002

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	Dear all 

	Please find attached a pdf-file with a job announcement: 

	CEO for a center of excellence in sustainability in Zurich 

	Good luck and best regards! 

	Beate Wilhelm 

	z-link: catalyst for innovation in science, economy, and society 
	Dr. Beate E. Wilhelm 
	Member of the executive board 
	Künstlergasse 15 
	CH-8001 Zürich 

	Tel.  +41 (0)1 634 23 33 
	Fax  +41 (0)1 634 49 39 

	email  wilhelm at z-link.ch 
	internet  www.z-link.ch 

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