[Equal] Kampala IICW conference report

Katharina von Salis vonsalis at pop.mydiax.ch
Tue Oct 15 05:21:59 CEST 2002

liebe equals,
hier - via die eq-uni-Liste von Helsinki -  die Info re der grossen 
Frauenkonderenz in Kampala.
Have a nice week

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>Dear eq-uni member,
>a short report on the women in higher education sessions in last summer's
>big event, the 8th International Interdisciplinary Congress (IICW) on
>women, which took place in Kampala, Uganda, is provided on this Australian
>site by Australian Technology Network's Women's Executive Development
>The previous IICW congress in Tromso, Norway in 1999 offered a series of
>sessions on gender in academia, see a special issue of Higher Education in
>Europe XXV (2000):2 in which many of the papers were published, available
>also in French on-line, see
>Next IICW will be held in 2005 in Seoul, South Korea.
>  with best regards,
>               Liisa Husu * eq-uni list moderator * liisa.husu at helsinki.fi

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