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Untenstehend ein Konferenzhinweis des Direktorats Forschung der Europäischen Kommission. 
Die Konferenz 'Women in Industrial Research. Speeding up changes in Europe' findet vom 10-11 Oktober 2003 in  Berlin statt. Anmeldungen und Informationen unter: www.wir-conference.de
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Betreff: Women in Industrial Research - International conference on 10
and 11 October 2003 in Berlin

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in co-operation with
DG Research of the European Commission is organising an international

	"Women in industrial research. Speeding up changes in Europe" in
Berlin, (Dresdner Bank) on 10-11 October 2003. 

Please find attached the draft programme for the conference.  
All information is also available on the website: www.wir-conference.de
where you can register for the conference electronically.

The following points will be presented and discussed with researchers,
managers, representatives from EU Member States, Associated Countries, Third
Countries, universities, research centres, international institutions,
professional organisations and other stakeholders:

*	The recommendations of the report of the EU high level expert group
on "Women in industrial research" (WIR) (chaired by Prof. Dr Helga Rübsamen
-Waigmann, Bayer AG and Dr Ragnhild Sohlberg, Norsk Hydro, both members of
the European Research Advisory Board (EURAB))
*	The results of the WIR-study on "Women in industrial research"
(statistical analysis based on R&D and Employment data, publications and
case studies on good practices of companies in 11 countries)
*	The position paper of CEOs of leading R&D companies and responses of
Governments on the recommendations of the WIR report 
*	Examples of good practice from companies, universities and research
centres from different sectors and countries  

The conference is aimed at developing possible concerted actions to promote
women in industrial research and to achieve the Lisbon objectives for 2010.
The existing gender gap in industrial research must be closed in order to
promote scientific excellence, to modernise European research and raise the
attractiveness of careers in science in Europe, to make Europe to the most
competitive economic area of the world. 

Some funding is available to support the participation from the Candidate
Countries. If you are interested, please contact Christiane Wehle
(christiane.wehle at dlr.de) from the EU-office of the Federal Ministry for
Education and Research, which is organising the conference.

In order to ensure a balanced participation, the invitation addresses both
men and women interested in the modernisation and future development of
research in Europe. 

	Helga Ebeling
	for the Women & Science unit
	DG Research
	European Commission
Draft programme

"Women in Industrial Research" (WIR) -
Speeding up changes in Europe"

10-11 October 2003  in Berlin

10. October
15:30	Registration & First informal meeting of networks                                                                                   (Snacks)Researchers, politicians, managers from main sectors of industrial research have the opportunity to establish networks in different areas as
	ICT/bank	Life Science/ Biotech	Energy/ Environment	Chemistry/ Pharmaceutics	Food Quality	Transport	Private/Non-Profit
16:30	Welcome by the host: Ulrike Ufert-Hoffmann, Dresdner BankOpening Session: "Women in Industrial Research (WIR) - Speeding up changes for EuropeOpening speech:Edelgard Bulmahn, Federal Ministry of Education and ResearchPhilippe Busquin, EU-Commissioner for ResearchDiscussion with ministers, EU-Commissioner and representatives of the CEO group:Edelgard Bulmahn, Federal Ministry of Education and ResearchPhilippe Busquin, EU-Commissioner for ResearchLetizia Moratti, Minister for Education, University and Research, Italy*Prof. Dr. Claudie Haigneré, Minister for Research and new Technologies, France*Rt. Hon. Patricia Hope Hewitt, Minister for Women and Equality, United Kingdom*Mary Harney T.D., Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Ireland*Andrew Gould, Chairman and CEO, Schlumberger Limited, France Moderation: Conny Czymoch 
18:30	Break: Aperitive
19:00	Presentation of the WIR-Report "A wake up call for European Industry" and of the study on "Women in Industrial Research"Prof. Dr. Helga Rübsamen-Waigmann, Vice President, Bayer AG, Head of Antiinfectives Research, Germany, joint chair of the High Level Expert Group on "Women in Industrial Research"Prof. Dr. Danièle Meulders, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Département d'Economie Appliquée, Belgium
20:00	Reception & dinnerSecond informal meeting of networks
	ICT/bank	Life Science/ Biotech	Energy/ Environment	Chemistry/ Pharmaceutics	Food Quality	Transport	Private/Non-Profit

* to be confirmed

11. October
	Workshops (10:45-11:00 Coffee Break)				
	WS 1	Young Scientists - How to motivate more young women for careers in industrial research -   What can companies, schools, universities do?Chaired by: Ann Bowers, Chair of the Board of the Noyce Foundation, United States*Rapporteur: Pierre Bismuth, Vice President Personnel, Schlumberger Ltd., FranceKeynote speaker: Barbara Schwarze, Managing Director, Kompetenzzentrum Frauen in der Informationsgesellschaft und Technologie, Germany
	WS 2	Careers for women in industrial research and good practices of companies - What can companies do to promote women, to change the culture of research, the framework conditions and to have more women on the top level?Chaired by: Dr. Ragnhild Sohlberg, Vice President, Coporate Centre, Norsk Hydro ASA, NorwayRapporteur: Jenny Holmes, R&D Diversity Director, AstraZeneca, United KingdomKeynote speaker: Dr. Brigitte Muehlenbruch, Managing Director, Center of Excellence Women and Science - CEWS, Germany
	WS 3	Enhancing the participation of women in innovation and entrepreneurship -  What can be done to increase the number  and participation of women in the innovation process?Chaired by: Dr. Francoise Soussaline, President and founder, IMSTAR S.A, FranceRapporteur: Carmen Vela, Managing Director, Ingenasa, SpainKeynote speakers: Gertrud E. Bohlin, Regional Chief, Svenskt Näringsliv, Sweden; Prof. Dr. Sara Carter, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom/USA
	WS 4	Improving the knowledge base on women in industrial research - What are the facts and figures? What needs to be done to have more gender differentiated comparable data on firm level, sectors, countries? How can qualitative research be improved?Chaired by: Prof. Dr. Hans de Wit, TNO, President European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA), The Netherlands *Rapporteur: Dr. Orna Berry, Venture Partner: Gemini Capital Fund/ Chairperson, Lamda Crossing Ltd. and Riverhead Networks Ltd., Israel Keynote speaker: Maria Caprile, Fundació Cirem - Foundation Centre for European Initiatives and Research in the Mediterranean, Spain
	WS 5	Top women in industrial research - The relevances of role models, networking, mentoring -  What can be done to make women in industrial research more visible, more powerful and to change the public image of industrial research?Chaired by: Rosanna D'Antona, Managing Director and founder, D'Antona and Partners, ItalyRapporteur: Niels Christian Nielsen, President and CEO, Catenas Inc., DenmarkKeynote speaker: Susan Croft, Founder and Partner, ASC Training & Consulting, United Kingdom
12:30 Lunch & Third  informal meeting of networks
	ICT/bank	Life Science/ Biotech	Energy/ Environment	Chemistry/ Pharmaceutics	Food Quality	Transport	Private/Non-Profit
14:00 - 16:00	Closing Session/ Podium·	General  report - Prof. Dr. Teresa Rees, Professor, Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences, United Kingdom·	Results & proposals of the five workshops - by the rapporteurs: Pierre Bismuth, France; Dr. Jenny Holmes, United Kingdom; Carmen Vela, Spain; Dr. Orna Berry Italy; Niels Christian Nielsen, DenmarkDevelopment of alternatives for future activities: Dr. Rainer Gerold, Director, European Commission, Directorate General for ResearchN.N. Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Find further information under: www.wir-conference.de  	contact: eub at dlr.de

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