[Equal] Mehr Evaluatorinnen für das FP6

Christa Sonderegger christa.sonderegger at unibas.ch
Mon Mar 10 10:30:25 CET 2003

Die Women and Sicence Unit des Departement General for Research der 
Europäischen Kommission ruft erneut Frauen auf, sich als Evaluatorinnen der 
Eingaben im Rahmen des 6. Forschungsrahmenprogramms der EU zu melden.
Untenstehend finden Sie den Aufruf aus Brüssel. Ich bitte Sie, die 
Informationen möglichst breit zu streuen.
Christa Sonderegger

We need women evaluators for FP6 proposals!


Flash Info from the Women and Science Unit in the Commission's DG for 

We need women evaluators for FP6 proposals!

As you are aware, the Commission’s target for the participation of women in 
evaluation panels and committees is 40%. For the Fifth Framework Programme, 
the percentage of women in our expert database was about 18%. We clearly 
need to increase this pool of women experts if we are to move closer to our 
40% target in FP6.

In order to register as an evaluator, please go to the following web-site 
and enter your details. Please be aware that even if you were registered as 
an expert for FP5, you still need to re-register.


We are looking for:

§       Women scientists with expertise in all scientific disciplines, in 
order to increase the number of women in all the evaluation panels for the 
different thematic priorities.

§       Women scientists with expertise in all scientific disciplines, who 
are sensitive to gender issues. As already announced, the gender dimension 
is much more present in FP6 than in FP5 and has been integrated into the 
different thematic priorities and at the various stages of the project 
cycle. Networks of Excellence and Integrated Projects will be required to 
present a gender equality action plan as part of their proposals. If this 
corresponds to your profile and you wish to highlight your interest in 
gender issues when registering as an evaluator, you can use one of the 
following general keywords in addition to those relevant to your main areas 
of scientific expertise:
-       Women and science
-       Gender mainstreaming
-       Equal opportunities

§       Women scientists whose main field of expertise is gender to 
evaluate the specific Women and Science activities that will be funded from 
the Science and Society budget. For evaluators wishing to highlight 
specific gender expertise there are also a number of more specialist 
keywords that are relevant to our activities, which can be used in addition 
to the general keywords mentioned above:
-       Women and science
-       Gender mainstreaming
-       Equal opportunities
-       Gender studies
-       Women’s studies
-       Feminist studies
-       History of women in science

Please circulate this message to other excellent women in science!

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