[Equal] sexual harassment in education: request for help

Katharina von Salis vonsalis at dplanet.ch
Mon Dec 13 23:17:24 CET 2004

liebe equals,
hier eine Bitte um Hilfe - man koennte das auch knowledge-transfer 
nennen - die via das eq-uni Netzwerk erreichte.
Have a nice week

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>From: Maria Pendaraki <mpendaraki at yahoo.gr>
>Subject: EQ-UNI: sexual harassment in education: request for help
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>We are a network of people ( mostly feminist academics
>teaching in the tertiary education)  trying to address
>the issue of sexual harassment in
>education in Greece. None of the universities and
>colleges has any bylaw/regulation addressing that
>issue even though it exists. We do
>not even have any research data relating to education,
>so we need to start
>from scratch, doing research, pushing for bylaws and
>developing protective mechanisms for students and
>staff. We need your expertise and your solidarity on

>  1) Is there any EE or member state research out
>on sexual harassment in education (all the Internet
>staff that I have found up to now is from outside
>Europe)? If you have published your self or you know
of any other resources can you please inform us.

>2) do
>know of any relevant instrument, i.e., questionnaire
>about the extend and the consequences of sexual
>harassment, to provide me as a resource in order to
>start developing one to use in Greece (I will do that
>as a feminist activist concerned we do not have any
>at all-not even for printing the questionnaires).

>3) Can you provide us with relevant links about bylaws on
>sexual harassment?

>  4) Any other info you think that it
>might be useful.

>5) If you do not know any of that
>info can you please refer us to people that might
>Thanks so much in advance and looking forward for your
>Dr. Maria Pendaraki, MSW, Ph.D.
>Elected assistant professor
>ATEI Patras
>Department of social work
>mpendaraki at yahoo.gr
>Do You Yahoo!?
>A¼okt?ste th dwre?n @yahoo.gr die?qunsh saV sto http://www.otenet.gr

Prof. K. von Salis Perch-Nielsen
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