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Dear colleagues 

How can indicators, and a big number of figures in particular, be visualised
concisely for their target audiences (managers, politicians, the broader
public, etc.)? What kinds of aggregation, selection and illustration modes
are conceivable? And how can the trends that the indicators disclose be presented
in these various modes and how their interpretation/evaluation transmitted?
If these are challenges that you face as a statistician, researcher, journalist,
controller, or graphic designer when attempting to provide useful indicator-based
information, you might be interested in contributing to or attending this
upcoming conference:

Visualising Indicators 
International Conference on "Visualising and Presenting Indicator Systems"

14 - 16 March 2005, Swiss Federal Statistical Office, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

The conference's objectives are know-how exchange and capacity building in
the interlinked areas of: 
◦ Demonstrative aggregation (visual, numeric) and audience-compatible
presentation (maps, 'telling' indicators, ...)
◦ Significant selection (key / flagship / headline indicators, thematic
◦ Comprehensible declaration of trends and evaluations (traffic lights,
smilies, arrows, ...)

The conference offers an opportunity for sharing experiences and creating
synergies by bringing together expertise as well as open questions from specialists
in visualising indicators coming from various backgrounds such as environment,
economy, controlling, quality of life, education, MDGs and sustainable development.

For the call for contributions and further information see http://www.monet.admin.ch

or contact Ms. Andrea Scheller, SFSO, at visualisation at bfs.admin.ch 

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