[Equal] Call for application to the Young ScientistsÕs Summit on Climate Change and its Impact on Cities

Katharina von Salis vonsalis at dplanet.ch
Wed Aug 17 21:50:28 CEST 2005

waer das was fuer die Eine oder Andere?
waere doch schade, wenn da nur Herren hingingen, oder?
Eine gute Zeit wuenscht
Katharina von Salis

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>Subject: Call for application to the Young ScientistsÕs Summit on 
>Climate Change and its Impact on Cities
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>Young Scientists’s Summit on Climate Change and its Impact on 
>Cities, held in the region of Bern
>Dear colleagues
>During a two-part summit from 20 to 25 November 2005, young UK and 
>Swiss scientists (10 persons from each country) will discuss the 
>impact and threat of Earth’s climate change on cities. Participants 
>will represent a wide field of subject areas, such as natural 
>sciences, engineering, economics, architecture, journalism, urban 
>planning, socio-economics, insurance.
>Are you a researcher in a field related to the topic of the summit 
>and interested in the climate debate? We invite post-docs and final 
>year PhDs to participate in this exciting event which will give you 
>the opportunity to share and discuss your expertise with other young 
>experts. For further information on the organisation of the event, 
>on its objectives and on how to apply, please visit the proclim 
>The event is free of charge for the selected persons.
>Please inform potentially interested young colleagues about this event.
>With kind regards,
>Christoph Ritz	      Caroline Morissey
>Esther Thalmann	     Per Atteslanden
>ProClim-             British Council
>Dr. Christoph Ritz
>Schwarztorstrasse 9
>CH-3007 Bern
>Phone: +41 (0) 31 328 23 24
>Fax: +41 (0) 31 328 23 20
>e-mail: christoph.ritz at scnat.ch
>web: http://www.proclim.ch

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