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Betreff: Women and Science Headlines - 15

Women and Science Headlines - 15:
Contact persons: vera.fehnle at cec.eu.int <  <mailto:vera.fehnle at cec.eu.int> mailto:vera.fehnle at cec.eu.int> - robert.o’meara at cec.eu.int <  <mailto:robert.o'meara at cec.eu.int> mailto:robert.o’meara at cec.eu.int >

The recent call for proposals in the field of Women and Science prompted the submission of some 70 proposals, encompassing all four areas listed in the call: supporting the empowerment of women scientists and engineers and promoting public debate; ambassadors for women and science; developing a better understanding of gender issue in scientific research; and practical tools for mainstreaming and monitoring gender equality.

Science and Society Work Programme 2005-2006 
The Science and Society Work Programme 2005-2006 has now been adopted and is available at the web-site below. It sets out the actions foreseen in women and science for the last two years of the Sixth Framework Programme. New emphasis is placed on the areas where under-representation remains greatest: women in decision-making positions and women in engineering and technology, while other areas will be consolidated through benchmarking initiatives and studies to evaluate the success of strategies employed to date. Another new focus is mainstreaming gender in new and emerging research areas. A call for proposals is foreseen for publication on 15 June 2005. 

 <http://www.cordis.lu/science-society/programme.htm> http://www.cordis.lu/science-society/programme.htm  

'Women in Science and Technology - the business perspective' 
A new expert group is currently being launched in the context of the WIR (Women in Industrial Research) initiative. It will involve prominent representatives of European industry and has been set up with a view to analysing the promotion of women in Science and Technology from a business perspective and to develop an integrated approach to the cultural change involved within companies. Further information can be obtained from Helga Ebeling - helga.ebeling at cec.eu.int

Women & Science - Future events/conferences

Science and Society Forum 2005 
A major Science and Society event will take place in Brussels on the 9-11 March 2005, to take stock of the results of initiatives and activities undertaken to date in the field of science and society, including women and science. The Forum is aimed at policy and decision-makers in particular. It will provide projects with an opportunity to show-case their work and will include thematic sessions, such as Session 4 - Fostering diversity, inclusiveness and equality in science will look at how attention to gender and ethical issues guarantees better and more reliable research. Most importantly however, the Forum will provide an opportunity to network more broadly with those involved in other aspects of science and society, such as young people and science or governance issues (which of course also have a gender dimension). Should you wish to take part, please register as soon as possible via the following web-site: 

 <http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/conferences/2005/forum2005/index_en.htm> http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/conferences/2005/forum2005/index_en.htm 

Women & Science - Publications 
The most recent publication is from the Women in Industrial Research section of our unit, entitled: “Speeding Up Changes in Europe” and details the proceedings from the international conference held in Berlin, in October 2003. 


The future of European research policy and programmes 
In June 2004, the Commission proposed orientations for the development of future European Union programmes to support research activities and policies in its Communication “Science and technology, the key to Europe's future - Guidelines for future European Union policy to support research”. These proposals were subject to wide public consultation. Following this and wider debate (for example, concerning possible research themes for a new Framework Programme), and based on a thorough assessment of evidence and impacts, the Commission is expected to present its legislative proposals for the Seventh Framework Programme in April 2005.

In order to be kept informed of developments, you can consult the following web-site, which contains the initial proposals, the results of public consultations, position papers from Member States and various other documents relating to new developments in this context. 

 <http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/future/index_en.cfm> http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/future/index_en.cfm 

Call for Independent Experts for the eTEN Programme 2005-2006 
A Call for Independent Experts for the eTEN Programme 2005-2006 has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union OJ C320 of 24.12.2004, inviting applications from individuals wishing to provide expert assistance in the execution of tasks in relation with the eTEN Programme. eTEN is the European Community Programme designed to help the deployment of telecommunication networks based services (e-services) with a trans-European dimension. 

Applicants must have a minimum 5 years relevant experience in one or more areas covered by eTEN (eHealth, eInclusion, eGovernment, eLearning, Trust and confidence services and SMEs).

Women are currently underrepresented on the eTEN list of experts, and are therefore specifically encouraged to apply. 

More information is available on the eTEN website. You can apply online: 
 <http://europa.eu.int/information_society/activities/eten/calls/cfe2005/index_en.htm> http://europa.eu.int/information_society/activities/eten/calls/cfe2005/index_en.htm 

Call for Proposals - DG Employment: VP/2004/018 
Please be informed that DG Employment’s Equality unit has launched a call for proposals. The primary focus of the call is projects that highlight the role that men can play in the promotion of equality between men and women, and in particular in the way that men and fathers can do so, while also dealing with the challenges of balancing professional and private life. The deadline for submission is 15 April 2005. More information is available at: 

 <http://europa.eu.int/comm/employment_social/calls/proposal_2005_en.cfm> http://europa.eu.int/comm/employment_social/calls/proposal_2005_en.cfm 

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