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vielleicht was fuer die Eine oder Andere?
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>For the attention of Women's Studies scholars on the eq-uni list!
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>The Institute of Womenís Studies at the University of Ottawa is inviting
>applications for its Bank of Montreal Visiting Scholar in Womenís
>Studies for 2006-2007.  The purpose of this fund is to attract highly
>qualified researchers working on womenís issues. The Visiting Scholarís
>stay should be from three (3) to six (6) months within the universityís
>academic year, from September to April. The recipient will receive a
>maximum of $3,000 which may be used to supplement research and/or travel
>expenses. Scholars with alternative funding will be considered. The
>Visiting Scholar will be required to present her ongoing research
>project in conferences and/or seminars and to interact with the
>community of students and colleagues. Additional information will be
>provided on request.
>The Institute of Womenís Studies invites applications from Canadian and
>non-Canadian scholars, both tenured and untenured faculty, and from
>post-doctoral, independent scholars who are pursuing critical feminist
>research. Individuals must have a Ph.D. to be considered for this
>The Visiting Scholar will have access to library services, a shared
>phone and computer facilities.
>Applications should include curriculum vitae, a detailed statement of
>the research project, copies of recent publications, the dates of the
>proposed stay at the University of Ottawa and the names of two referees.
>Please forward to:
>Selection Committee
>Bank of Montreal Visiting Scholar in Womenís Studies
>Institute of Womenís Studies, University of Ottawa
>143 Seraphin Marion, Ottawa, Ontario, KIN 6N5 Canada
>Telephone:  (613) 562-5791
>Fax:  (613) 562-5994
>E-mail:  mcharbo at uottawa.ca
>The closing date for submitting applications is 31 December 2005.

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