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Liebe equals,
gerne moechte ich Sie auf folgende Veranstaltung 
Aufmerksam machen und Sie herzlich dazu einladen!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Priska Gisler

Deliberative Mapping: Staging symmetry in deliberative processes
Dr. Gail Davies, Department of Geography, University of London

8 February 2007, 18.00 - 20.00
Collegium Helveticum, Schmelzbergstr. 25, 8006 Zürich

In this seminar I want to introduce and reflect 
on the performance of a methodology of 
participatory technology appraisal called 
Deliberative Mapping, which seeks to contribute 
both to theoretical debate and practical 
experimentation around what it might mean to 
bring the technosciences into democracy. 
Deliberative Mapping is a hybrid methodology, 
which involves both analytic and deliberative 
processes, and works with both citizens and 
specialists, seeking to reduce asymmetries 
between different knowledges in science and 
technology issues.  Here I reflect on the 
application of this methodology to the case study 
of future options for organ transplantation, 
exploring how its empirical performance can both 
inform theoretical critiques of discourse ethics 
as found in Habermas, but also, drawing on the 
work of Andrew Barry and Michel Callon, explore 
how and when such processes may exceed these 

Comment by Prof. Dr. Valérie November, School of 
Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engieering, 
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne

A lecture in the context of the lecture series: 
"Scientific Futures, Public Affairs? Negotiating 
Challenges of the 21st Century in Science, Media 
and Politics", organized by STS-CH and supported 
by Collegium Helveticum.

contact: Priska Gisler 
(gisler at collegium.ethz.ch), Regula Valérie Burri 
(burri at collegium.ethz.ch)

Dr. rer. soc.
Priska Gisler
Collegium Helveticum
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CH-8092 Zürich

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