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Dear Equals
Below please find information on Dow Chemical's recruitment program for careers in industrial research. Sandra D. Hofmann, the Coordinator Europe of the Rotational Assignment Program (RAP) at Dow, is highly interested in recruiting able women!

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Dow Europe: 

Research Assignments Program - Europe


There are positions in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland, for the 2007 Research Assignments Program (RAP) program that will be available in the second half of 2007.

RAP offers scientists and engineers who have recently completed their university education a 12 to 16 month opportunity to explore different areas of chemistry-based, industrial Research and Development (R&D) before commencing a specific job in a Dow laboratory. 

RAP participants complete three or four business or research relevant projects, each lasting three to four months, at different R&D laboratories within Europe.  

The program is particularly for people from Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Polymer Chemistry/Engineering, or a related discipline .  

For more information on this particular program and online applications: http://www.dow.com/careers/careers_eu.htm <http://www.dow.com/careers/careers_eu.htm>  

For Dow, see also: http://www.dow.com <http://www.dow.com> ; http://www.careersatdow.com

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