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Liebe Equals,
eine Professorin aus Kolumbien hat mich gebeten bei der Suche für Papers zu der Ausgabe Women in Science ihres Journals behilflich zu sein.
Ihr findet den Call untenstehend. Für Fragen wendet euch bitte direkt an die angegebene Kontaktadresse.
Freundliche Grüsse
Maya Widmer


Virajes Review is an academic publication of the Universidad de Caldas, Colombia co- directed by the Anthropology and Sociology Department. It was officially accredited by Colciencias, a national institution, in C category.   


The Regional "Catedra" UNESCO named "Woman, Science and Technology in Latin America (2001)" which its goal: the creation and diffusion of knowledge on the women contributions to the science and technology, was the inspiration for the next number of VIRAJES review (No 10) that will be dedicated to the visibility of the role and the leadership of women in sciences (natural s., social s. and humanities) and arts matters, in terms of its contribution to the applied investigation and to the theory development.


Because there is such a lack of important researches on this matter in our country, we are very much interested in expand this call to other countries. We invite individual researchers, groups and universities to participate in this call for paper, around this topic in all areas, on local, regional, national and international level.


We expect contributions to provide answers to one of the most frequent questions to the valuation or undervaluation of women's inclusion to considered prohibit environments or not corresponding environments with the traditional roles of the female.    


We expect your collaborations in the form of critic reflections, bibliographic revisions or research articles. For more detail information and for sending your articles, please answer to the address: maryluzsandoval at hotmail.com 


Thank you very much.    


Mary Luz Sandoval

Co Directora


Universidad de Caldas, Colombia


ARTICLES RECEPTION: E-mail: revistavirajes at ucaldas.edu.co, mary <blocked::mailto:revistavirajes at ucaldas.edu.co, mary> luzsandoval at hotmail.com

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