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Dear all,

There are two major engineering conferences approaching later this
year--the American Society for Engineering Education's (ASEE) Global
Colloquium on Engineering Education (GCEE) in October in Capetown, South
Africa; and the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO)
World Engineers Convention (WEC) in Brasilia, Brazil in December.  The
website for the GCEE is not yet available.  The website for the WEC is:

Each of these conferences has an accompanying student forum, so it is
important that as many students/young engineers as possible know about
this opportunity, (particularly women!).  The GCEE student forum is
specifically geared towards student engineers who are interested in the
issue of engineering education.  The WEC is for students and young
engineers in general.  Please email deboer.jennifer at gmail.com if you are
interested in either event.

Further, both events have opportunities for students to give input about
the forum.  There is a group, the Student Platform for Engineering
Education Development (SPEED) that is organizing the GCEE forum, and it
welcomes new members.  The group planning the WEC forum will also be
taking input from students/young engineers regarding the structure and
content of the forum.  Please indicate in your email if you are
interested in participating in this way.

It is important that as many student/young engineers as possible know
about these events, so do not hesitate to spread the word.  We would be
thrilled to know that many worthy students get the opportunity to attend
these conferences and their student forums, and we welcome new
participants in organizing these events.

Thank you,

Jennifer DeBoer


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