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Wed Feb 27 13:54:45 MET 2008

Dear Equals / Postdocs
For those interested in an academic career, please note the recent call for SNSF Professorships for junior researchers of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) / SNF-Foerderungsprofessuren (deadline 1 May 2008). 
For information: http://www.snf.ch/D/foerderung/personen/Foerderungsprofessuren/Seiten/default.aspx
best wishes 

Luzia Lehmann

Luzia Lehmann, Dr. Phil.I (luzia.lehmann at sl.ethz.ch)
Carla Zingg, dipl.ing.ETH     (carla.zingg at sl.ethz.ch)

Stelle fuer Chancengleichheit von Frau und Mann / Office of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
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