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Welcome to Stockholm 2009!


Feminist Research Methods

- An international conference


Date: 4-6 February 2009


The Centre for Gender Studies at Stockholm University welcomes feminist researchers to an international conference on research methods and methodological issues and dilemmas. 


Confirmed speaker:  Cynthia Cockburn, Patricia Hill Collins, Nira Yuval-Davis, Gelya Frank and Andrea Pető.

Doing feminist research

Most feminist researchers have long since agreed that there are no specifically feminist research methods. The expression "feminist methods" is therefore used as shorthand for methods used by feminists in all fields of research. This international conference is devoted to the exchange of experiences and innovations in the doing of feminist research, specifically the methods and research tools we use. 

The conference is open to researchers in all disciplines, inter-disciplines and directions of research.

Call for sessions

All interested participants are welcome to suggest sessions, workshops and other types of events. Dead-line for suggestions of events within the conference is April 1. Deadline for papers, programme, details of registration, and practical information will be announced on the web site in April.


Organizer: The Centre for Gender Studies, Stockholm University 


Venue: Stockholm University <http://www.su.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=3792> , Stockholm, Sweden 

Language:  English.

Fee: Euro 250 (reduction for students) 

E-mail: femmet09 at kvinfo.su.se <mailto:femmet09 at kvinfo.su.se> 

Chairperson of conference committee: Gunilla Bjerén 

Conference secretaries: Caroline Tovatt / Jorid Palm




Fil Dr Annika Olsson

Lektor Centrum för genusstudier

Koordinator, Gender Helpdesk, Centrum för genusstudier

Stockholms universitet

106 91 Stockholm

08- 674 73 08

annika.olsson at kvinfo.su.se



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