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Professor in Integrative Risk Management 


The Department of Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zurich (www.mtec.ethz.ch) invites applications for a professorship in Integrative Risk Management.

Integrative Risk Management (IRM) is an emerging concept aiming at concurrently managing a portfolio of natural, technical, economical, and social risks for a specific geographic region and/or event. It starts with identifying and understanding risks, leading to a comprehensive risk map and transfers the results to an aggregated risk metrics. IRM selects portfolios of risk-mitigation activities and designs novel collaboration schemes for networks of government, industry and private agents. This allows the evaluation of a mixture of prevention, recovery, and risk transfer actions, resulting in an optimal balance of public and private contributions to risk management, aiming at a more resilient society.


Zurich is one of the major European financial markets with a strong presence of leading reinsurance companies. ETH Zurich just started an initiative to establish a world-leading inspiring nucleus for IRM, which develops, implements, and disseminates knowledge and tools for cross-risk measurement and aggregation. The new chair will have a key role in the IRM initiative and benefit from the strong interest of the finance and insurance sector for close collaboration and interaction between financial practice and academia.


Applicants have a PhD in risk or actuarial science management, mathematics, quantitative finance, sociology, statistical science, or a closely related field, such as economics, or affective computing, which is proofed with an outstanding record of high-quality research with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary approaches to understand complex, adaptive systems. They have experience in risk measurement and aggregation, in design of portfolios of mitigation activities, or in other emerging fields of risk management.


Applicants should have connections to public administration and/or industry and a willingness to establish a network to government agencies, the private sector, and other risk professionals. The candidate should have a strong personality and a capability to inspire students and professionals for path-breaking work in the area of integrative risk management. This may result in the establishment of a new program in integrative risk management at master level. He or she will be expected to teach undergraduate level courses (German or English) and graduate level courses (English). Initiatives to develop novel teaching modules and/or a course in IRM are very welcome.

The professorship is funded by Swiss Re.


Please submit your application together with a letter of intent including a statement of teaching and research philosophy, public service interests and industry collaborations, a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and a list of three references to the President of ETH Zurich, Prof. Dr. Ralph Eichler, Raemistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland, no later than October 31, 2008. With a view towards increasing the proportion of female professors, ETH Zurich specifically encourages female candidates to apply.


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