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Thu May 29 21:53:25 MEST 2008

Call for Papers

Pics and Politics: Representations of Women in Film and Digital Media.

Wagadu. Journal of Transnational Women`s and Gender Studies

is looking for submissions that address the visual work of women who are
concerned with gender and change. We welcome discussions of film and
media from a variety of perspectives incl. but not limited to film and
media studies, ethnology, critical theory, area studies, and art
history. We envision an issue located on the interstices of academic,
artistic and activist discourse communities.

Submissions should be marked by an interest in feminism, a fascination
for visionary works, and a gravitation toward generative theoretical
paradigms. In line with the journal`s focus, we especially welcome
submissions with an attentiveness to globalization and its ongoing
shocks upon the subjects of culture.

Topics include 
- film and video artists (mainstream, experimental) who represent
vantage points in the history of feminism and / or discussions of
sexuality, e.g. Tracey Emin, Sadie Benning, Yoko Ono
- film and video artists who foreground (issues related to) race and
cultural identity, e.g. Yong Soon Min, Fanta Regina Nacro, Portia
- video performance / installation artists, e.g. Kirsten Johannsen,
Ingrid Mwangi
- contemporary multimedia and net artists, e.g. Shilpa Gupta
- contemporary media culture dubbed "post-feminist", e.g. reality-tv
like "Country XY`s Next Top Model", "The Real Housewives of Orange
County"; representations of career women in film; or portrayals of girls
and teenagers in film TV and new media
- computer-based workers like Brenda Laurel

Formats: Academic articles and analyses; reviews; art; book reviews;
festival reports, e.g. Zanzibar, Carthago; etc. Nota bene: The authors
take responsibility for contingent copyright issues of visuals and

Deadline for submissions of abstracts (ca. 250 words): July 15, 2008.
Deadline for submissions of finished products: December 15, 2008

Editor: Nina Zimnik, Zuercher Hochschule fuer Angewandte Wissenschaften,
zini at zhaw.ch

Mecke Nagel. State University of New York at Cortland (Editor-in-Chief
of wagadu)
nagelm at cortland.edu

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