[Equal] EU conference on 10 years of women and science activities, Prague14-15 May 2009

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Changing research landscapes
to make the most of human potential

10 years of EU activities in "Women and Science", and BEYOND

Registration is open now: http://ec.europa.eu/research/science-society

This conference aims at encouraging public and private research institutions to reflect on the role that an appropriately gendered management plays in the provision of genuine equal opportunities, and the benefit that this could have for science and technology.

Human resource managers from universities and other research institutions, school-level science education experts, researchers, representatives from EU member states and non-European countries, policy makers and other stakeholders will come together to look at how young people can be attracted into research in the first place, and then how research organisations can improve their working environments in order to keep these women and men in research careers.

Since the conference will also be marking ten years of activities for the European Union in the field of Women and Science, the plenary sessions will include presentations that analyse the results of past activities and also look to the future.

We would be happy if you could attend the conference and kindly ask you to pass on this information to others who may be interested in attending.

Practical information about the conference can be found:   

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