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Mon May 4 10:19:28 MEST 2009

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Gerne mache ich auf folgende Veranstaltung aufmerksam:


Public Lecture 


with Prof. Dr. Geraldine Pratt, University of British Columbia, Vancouver


“Some Limits to Transnational Mothering: Filipina Migrant Workers and their


University of Fribourg, 14 May 2009

18.15–19.45 h, Kinderstube, Rue de l'Hôpital 4, 1700 Fribourg


Part of the Workshop “Dealing with religion: Performances of children and
youth in focus groups” organised by the NRP 58 Research Group Children,
Migration and Religion


Currently over 20,000 migrants are registered in Canada’s Live-in Caregiver
Program, a temporary work visa program that brings mostly Filipina women to
Canada, with the possibility of securing permanent resident status in Canada
after 24 months of live-in care-work. Many of these women leave their
children in the Philippines in the care of extended family and are able to
reunite with their children in Canada only after a long period of
separation. Drawing on in-depth interviews in Vancouver with families who
have experienced this separation and subsequently reunited, I consider the
difficulties of maintaining intimacy over long distances, the emotional
trauma of family separation, and the challenges that persist when they
reunite in Canada. 


Geraldine Pratt is Professor of Geography at the University of British
Columbia. She has collaborated for the last 15 years with the Philippine
Women Centre of BC researching the lives of Filipina migrant domestic
workers and their children. Recent publications include: The Global and the
Intimate (co-edited with Victoria Rosner) 2006, Working Feminism 2004, and
The Dictionary of Human Geography 5th edn (co-edited with Derek Gregory, Ron
Johnston, Michael Watts and Sarah Whatmore) 2009.


Contact / Workshop organisers

Dr. Brigit Allenbach (co-project leader), brigit.allenbach at unifr.ch

Dr. Pascale Herzig (co-project leader), pascale.herzig at unifr.ch

lic. phil. Monika Müller (PhD candidate), monika.mueller at unifr.ch


University of Fribourg

Seminar für Sozialanthropologie

Route des Bonnesfontaines 11

CH-1700 Fribourg




Dr. Pascale Herzig

Seminar für Sozialanthropologie

Universität Freiburg/Schweiz

Route des Bonnesfontaines 11

CH-1700 Fribourg


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