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THEME 11-12: Gender Paradoxes in Academic and Scientific Organisations

Visiting scholar positions for doctoral students and post-doctoral
scholars for 2011 are now open for competition in the GEXcel theme
11-12: Gender Paradoxes in Academic and Scientific Organisations, at
Örebro University, Sweden.



Örebro and Linköping Universities, Sweden, are the base for the Centre
of Gender Excellence - Gendering Excellence (GEXcel): Towards a European
Centre of Excellence in Transnational and Transdisciplinary Studies of
Changing Gender Relations, Intersectionalities and Embodiment. With
support from the Swedish Research Council, GEXcel is carrying out new
research and seeks to become the foundation for a more permanent
International Collegium for Advanced Transnational and Transdisciplinary
Gender Studies. For more information on GEXcel, please see:

A Visiting Scholars Programme has been organized to attract scholars at
different career stages from Sweden and abroad with a variety of
disciplinary backgrounds. The visiting scholars will carry out
thematically organized, joint gender research, under the direction of
one or two of the professors responsible for the GEXcel programme, and
collaborate with invited senior researchers.

GEXcel theme 11-12: Gender Paradoxes in Academic and Scientific
Organisations is going on all academic year 2011. The theme is directed
by Liisa Husu, Guest Professor in Gender Studies at Örebro University.
There are two peak periods, May 2011 and mid-September-October 2011,
with a number of joint workshops and events.

A full description of the theme can be found at
http://www.genderexcel.org/?q=node/223. There are three subthemes:

1. Paradox of change

2. Paradox of excellence

3. Paradox of interventions.

Proposals are invited from doctoral students outside Sweden for
fellowships in late spring or autumn 2011. Fellowships include salary
(with a deduction for existing doctoral salary), housing stipend and
travel costs to Sweden. Up to four doctoral fellowships of 1-2 months
are available. Fellows selected for the program will be expected to
participate in a research workshop in May 16-17, 2011 in Örebro and
return to their residency in autumn.

Proposals are invited from postdoctoral scholars (priority given to
applicants from Europe, including Sweden) for up to four fellowships of
two to six months’ duration. Fellowships include salary (with a
deduction for existing salary), housing stipend and travel to Sweden.
Fellows selected for the program are expected to participate in a
research workshop in May 16-17, 2011 in Örebro and in the joint
programme in October 2011. The residency period is otherwise negotiable.

Proposals must include a current cv, an abstract of the proposed
project, a description (maximum: five pages) of the project to be
undertaken during the fellowship, and a short bibliography. Applicants
must explain specifically how the work will contribute to understanding
the research theme and the subthemes (see  

Doctoral Candidates must include the name and contact information for
their research supervisor. Postdoctoral applicants must also include two
samples of their work (published or unpublished) related to the research

It is also possible to make an application to participate in the theme
as a self-funded GEXcel Open Position Scholar. Applications for this
should include similar materials.

All proposals and supporting materials should be submitted
electronically to: GEXcelTheme11-12 at oru.se. All applications must be
clearly marked in the subject of the email: Application for GEXcel RT 11-12.

All inquiries should be sent to Liisa Husu, liisa.husu at oru.se.

A committee will evaluate all applications and select those who are
successful, with the approval of the GEXcel Board.

Application Deadline:

31 January 2011 (Awards to be announced by 15 February 2010)


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