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Chères Mesdames, chers Messieurs,


Je vous prie de trouver, en annexe, les dernières offres d'emploi publiées par l'AIEA.


Meilleures salutations de Vienne


Tania Janneau



Tania Janneau


Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations and the International Organizations in Vienna

Rooseveltplatz 4-5

A-1090 Vienna


+ 43 1 263 41 18 42

+ 43 1 263 34 13

tania.janneau at eda.admin.ch



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Please find below the latest job vacancies at the IAEA. Should you know of potential candidates, please do not hesitate to share these vacancies with them. We particularly encourage women to apply. The full listing of open vacancies, as well as procedures for applying are available at http://www.iaea.org/About/Jobs <http://www.iaea.org/About/Jobs> .

Department of Management 




IT Software Engineer (P-3) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_110.html> 


Closing: 2010-01-28



Senior Software Engineer (P-4) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_111.html> 


Closing: 2010-01-28



Senior Medical Officer (P-5) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_113.html> 


Closing: 2010-01-28



Compensation and Benefits Specialist (P-4) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_114.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-01



Section Head, French Translation Section (P-5) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_120.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-17

Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications 




Radiation Oncologist (re-opened on 11 December 2009) (P-4) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_069.html> 


Closing: 2010-01-23



Radiopharmaceutical Scientist (P-4) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2010/2010_002.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-22

Department of Safeguards 




Senior Inspector for State Level Coordination (P-5) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_118.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-17



Senior Safeguards Analyst (P-5) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_119.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-12



Safeguards Information Analyst (P-3) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_123.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-19



Open Source Analyst (P-2) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_905.html> 


Closing: 2010-01-17

Department of Technical Cooperation 




Programme Management Officer (P-4) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2010/2010_001.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-22

Department of Nuclear Energy 




Director, Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology (D-1) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_105.html> 


Closing: 2010-01-18



Library Systems Analyst (P-3) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_115.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-05



Technical Head (Human Resources) (P-5) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_116.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-18

Department of Nuclear Safety and Security 




Section Head, Waste and Environmental Safety Section (P-5) <http://recruitment.iaea.org/vacancies/p/2009/2009_112.html> 


Closing: 2010-02-05

Address: Recruitment Unit, Division of Human Resources, International Atomic Energy Agency, Wagramer Strasse 5, PO Box 100, 1400 Vienna, Austria. Telephone (431) 2600-0; Facsimile (431) 2600-7; E-mail: Official.Mail at iaea.org


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