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Two Professorships in Isotope Geochemistry


To enhance and broaden the field of geochemistry as a core discipline in teaching and research of the Department of Earth Sciences (www.erdw.ethz.ch), ETH Zurich invites applications for two full professorships in complementary fields of interest. Both professors will have access to an impressive range of existing laboratory infrastructure and the opportunity for developing new analytical techniques. Each professor will take responsibility for parts of the analytical instrumentation, depending on experience and interest. Collaboration within the Department and with ETH Zurich's departments of Physics (astronomy, accelerator mass spectrometry) and Chemistry (inorganic analytical chemistry) and the planned Swiss national SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) facility in Lausanne will be encouraged. Selection of the two professors will be according to individual research excellence and scientific breadth, and a demonstrated ability to contribute to the teaching program of the department at undergraduate and graduate level.


Professor in Planetary and Deep Earth Geochemistry

This professorship will have its primary focus on the use of isotopes to decipher processes ranging from the formation of the solar system to the modern dynamics of the Earth's interior. Preeminent research themes at the scale of the solar system include the provenance of chemical elements, the accretion of solids to form planets and the history of volatiles including water, and the differentiation of planets into core, mantle, crust and atmosphere as recorded by terrestrial rocks and meteorites. In modern Earth dynamics, stable and radiogenic isotopes are key to tracing mass-transfer among global reservoirs, and to measure the wide range of time scales involved in geological processes. The successful candidate is expected to have an interest in terrestrial rocks as well as meteorites and materials from sample return missions. She or he is expected to have a track record of forefront application and active development of analytical techniques, which may include multicollector ICP and thermal ionisation mass spectrometry, laser microsampling techniques and/or noble gas isotope geo- and cosmochemistry. 


Professor in Earth Surface Geochemistry 

The primary focus of this position will be the development and application of frontier isotopic and other geochemical methodologies to study interactions between the solid land surface and Earth's hydrosphere and atmosphere. Measuring rates and processes of rock weathering, regolith generation and surface erosion, low-temperature water-rock interaction including its impact on the carbon cycle, or the development of geological proxies for paleohydrology, palaeoaltimetry or palaeotemperature are topics of major interest. The successful candidate is expected to have a global research perspective and a record of international leadership in her or his field. The research activity of this professorship should include field based studies as well as the development and applications of new analytical methods, which may include low-temperature thermochronology, cosmogenic nuclide dating, novel stable isotope systems, noble gas geochemistry or in-situ micro-analytical methods. 


The new professors will be expected to teach undergraduate level courses (German or English) and graduate level courses (English).


Please submit your application together with a curriculum vitae, a list of publications and a statement of your research plans to the President of ETH Zurich, Prof. Dr. R. Eichler, ETH Zurich, CH-8092 Zürich, (or as one single pdf via e-mail to faculty-recruiting at sl.ethz.ch) no later than October 15, 2010. With a view towards increasing the number of female professors, ETH Zurich specifically encourages qualified female candidates to apply.



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