[Equal] Symposium in Basel: Gender in Medicine: it is about improving quality

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Fall Symposium 2011 Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute:
December 8th-9th, 2011, Mission 21, Basel, Switzerland

Gender in Medicine: it is about improving quality

-> Detailed information: http://www.swisstph.ch/events/autumn-symposium-2011.html


Thursday, 8th December
13.30-13.45h Opening and welcome
Christoph Beglinger (Dean Medical Faculty, University Basel)
Elisabeth Zemp Stutz (Swiss TPH)
13.45-14.10h Gender in Medicine: a cow on a roof?
Elisabeth Zemp Stutz
14.10-15.30h Gender perspectives in Health Care and Research
14.10-14.30h Women's Health and Gender Equity
Hildrun Sundseth (European Institute of Women's Health)
14.30-14.50h Men's Health: past, present, future
Alan White (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK)
14.50-15.10h Gendered Innovations in Science & Medicine and Engineering. Changing
biomedical and health-related practices
Ineke Klinge (Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences, University of
Maastricht, NL)
15.10-15.30h Sex and Gender in Cardiovascular research
Vera Regitz-Zagrosek (Inst. for Gender in Medicine, Charité, Berlin D)
15.30-16.15h Break and Poster Viewing
Posters on research activities of the Unit Gender and Health
16.15-17.45h Gender Sensitive Health Care: achievements and controversies (part 1)
2 Parallel Sessions
Session 1:
Reaching boys and men for health: still a primer on the agenda
* Alan White (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK): "Reaching boys and men
for health"
* B. Spencer (IMSP Lausanne, CH): "Gender representations on services for
Sexual and Reproductive Health: where are the men?"
* Kate Molesworth (Swiss TPH, Basel): "Approaches to include Tanzanian
boys and men in maternity"
Session 2:
Models and concepts of care for women in gynecological care
* Marlene Goldmann (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, US): "Models of
care in prenatal and labor & delivery care"
* F. Secula (Swiss TPH): "Supporting multi-sectoral teams to identify and
refer vulnerable pregnant women in rural Moldova"
* Bettina Schwind (Swiss TPH): "Conceptualizing gynecologic care in a
feminist practice"

Friday 9th December
09.00-10.20h Gender sensitive Health Care: achievements and controversies (part 2)
09.00-09.20h Gender in General Practice: it is about knowledge, skills and attitudes
Toine Lagro-Janssen (Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL)
09.20-09.40h Gender and Mental Health: why is depression more common in women?
Anita Riecher (Psychiatric University Clinic, Basel)
09.40-10.00h Gender and Respiratory Health: do hormones matter?
Francisco Gomez Real (University of Bergen, N)
10.00-10.20h Reproductive history and cardiovascular disease: Evidence and practice
Julia Dratva (Swiss TPH)
10.20-10.40h Break
10.40-12.20h Sexual and reproductive health: a privileged site of significance
10.40-11.00h There is no clean sex and no pure gender
Beate Wimmer-Puchinger (Universität Salzburg; Women's Health Officer,
Vienna A)
11.00-11.20h Sexuality education and abortion: a revival of debates
Sibylle Bihr (Sexual Health Switzerland, former PLANeS, project manager, CH)
11.20-11.40h Unvoluntary disclosure of HIV-status: gendered connotations and implications
Sonja Merten (Swiss TPH)
11.40-12.00h 'My wife, you are supposed to rest now': norms and values influencing men's
support during pregnancy
Karin Gross (Swiss TPH)
12.00-12.20h Facilitating access to sex- and gender-related medical literature: the database
Sabina Örtelt-Prigione (Inst. for Gender in Medicine, Charité, Berlin D)
12.20-12.50h Discussion round
Communication on gender terms and outlook (moderation EZ)
Participants: Ineke Klinge, Kerstin Palm, Toine Lagro-Janssen, Alan White,
Marlene Goldman, Beate Wimmer-Puchinger
12.50h Closure
Marcel Tanner (Swiss TPH, Basel)
Please register now: http://www.swisstph.ch/events/symposium-registration.html

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