[Equal] New Novel about Empowering Girls, Business and Economics

Orly Sade orlysade at mscc.huji.ac.il
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A girl's first adventure in business 
By Orly Sade & Ellen Neuborne
What does a smart, talented 11-year-old girl do when she wants an electric
guitar and is told by her parents, "Money doesn't grow on trees"?
She grows the money herself. 
This is the story of Ella, who when faced with a cash crunch, learns
business skills to solve her problem.  HOW ELLA GREW AN ELECTRIC GUITAR is a
novel aimed at young readers ages 9 to 12 and it combines a drama with an
introduction to financial literacy. 
ELLA is the brainchild of Orly Sade and Ellen Neuborne, two moms eager to
give their own girls inspiration to pursue business dreams. In searching for
age-appropriate books with a business theme, Sade and Neuborne were shocked
to discover there was little in the way of new children's literature that
offered business lessons - and even less that featured a girl as the
entrepreneurial hero. So the two tapped their own talents to solve the
problem. Sade, a PhD  in finance-business administration and a professor of
finance at the Hebrew university, New York University, IE (Madrid) and NES
(Moscow), created the story of Ella and her entrepreneurial quest. She
teamed with Neuborne, an award-winning writer and a former editor at
BusinessWeek magazine to bring the story to life.
Education experts say financial literacy should be the fourth "R" - a
mainstay of elementary school curriculum. What better way to introduce young
readers to critical information than in a fun, engaging story? 

Already, ELLA has attracted support from the educational community. 
"A crash course (for older children and young adults) in raising money for a
particular goal.The book makes a useful resource for teachers and parents
seeking to branch out beyond traditional textbooks for teaching these
important concepts."  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

Introduce ELLA to the young entrepreneurs in your life. 
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Orly Sade (PhD)

Head of the BA program in Business Administration

Finance Department, Jerusalem School of Business

The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Mobile: +972- (0)524668590


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