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Interesting Reading:

Retaining Talented Women Scientists: Time to Try Harder

Optics & Photonics News published an article<http://www.equal.ethz.ch/1102_atricle_ursula_keller> by Prof. Ursula Keller<http://www.ethz.ch/people/results?session=0.829096998807>, ETH professor in the Institute of Quantum Electronics and co-leader of the national research program MUST<http://www.nccr-must.ch/home.html>, where she wrote about her experience and thoughts concerning women in science.
"As a tenured female professor with a spouse and children, I look back on my career and find that the issue of women in science is much more complicated than I had initially thought. (...) We need to mold the scientific environment into one that enables us to retain a wider range of talented women and men who want to have a scientific career."


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