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Professor of Public Finance and Social Security Economics

The Department of Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zurich (http://www.mtec.ethz.ch/) invites applications for the above mentioned position.

The new Chair will be an integral part of KOF Swiss Economic Institute, the leading economic research institute of Switzerland. It focuses on the empirical analysis of public finance in a federal, open economy like Switzerland. The increased mobility of firms and high-skilled workers forces governments to continuously adapt policy instruments such as taxes and public expenditures to rapidly changing economic and demographic environments. Research activities include the empirical analysis of public finance such as budgetary issues, optimal tax rates, tax competition, fiscal federalism, sustainability of public expenditures (e.g. for health), evaluation of labour market policies, the returns to education from a fiscal perspective, impact of globalisation on taxes and expenditures, employment and human capital formation. The research fields of the Chair therefore cover areas such as the economics of taxation and public expenditures, the economics of the social security system, pension economics, and health economics. In addition to teaching graduate level courses (English), the successful candidate is expected to head a research division at KOF Swiss Economic Institute and to coordinate, supervise, and actively participate in research activities of this division.

The ideal candidate has an outstanding international research record in one or more of the above fields and a general interest in heading a research group. This implies a habilitation or equivalent academic qualification and strong leadership skills. He or she can document the ability to successfully develop this research area on a high international level with relevant research projects and has a demonstrated interest in economic policy. Knowledge of German is an advantage.

Please apply online at www.facultyaffairs.ethz.ch<http://www.facultyaffairs.ethz.ch/index>. Your application should include your curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and a list of projects. The letter of application should be addressed to the President of ETH Zurich, Prof. Dr. Ralph Eichler. The closing date for applications is 31 August 2011. With a view towards increasing the number of women in leading academic positions, ETH Zurich specifically encourages women to apply.
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