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Dear eq-uni,

Message from Henrietta Dale, Portia Ltd, genSET coordinator,

hd at portiaweb.org.uk:

Invitation to participate in the Public Consultation on the Future of

Gender & Innovation in Europe

Consultation closes on 1 October 2011

We invite all stakeholders in European science and innovation to

participate in the Public Consultation on the Future of Gender and

Innovation in Europe (https://www.research.net/s/J76PSNB).

In response to the EC Green Paper "From Challenges to Opportunities:

Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation

Funding?, genSET has launched a complementary, in-depth consultation

on the future of research, innovation and gender. The consultation

contains 29 questions, focusing on the three key dimensions of this


1. Research cultures and scientific quality

2. Innovation cultures and creativity

3. Structural change and social responsibility

Participants can choose to comment on one or several of these

dimensions and focus on those questions most relevant to them.

This consultation will contribute important evidence and understanding

of how Europe can benefit from more effective mainstreaming of the

gender dimension in research, innovation and in the scientific

systems. The results of the consultation will be published on these

pages and will be discussed at the European Gender Summit in Brussels

on 8-9 November. Together with the onsite discussions, the

consultation responses will feed into the policy manifesto on

"Integrated Action on the Gender Dimension in Research."


Henrietta Dale

Operations Manager

Portia Ltd

genSET coordinator

14 King Street ?London ?EC2V 8EA

Tel: +44 (0) 207 367 5348

hd at portiaweb.org.uk

Follow Portia on Twitter @portiaweb



Portia is a member of the consortium delivering FP7 project, genSET:

gender in science www.genderinscience.org

genSET Patrons: European Science Foundation, Fraunhofer, Swedish

National Agency for Higher Education, Research Council of Norway,

Euroscience, TNO, CSIC, COST

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