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Thu Nov 28 13:25:51 CET 2013

We are delighted to announce the publication of a new Special Issue of the International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology entitled Gendered Pathways Towards (and away from) STEM Fields, produced in association with Network Gender and STEM and Guest Editors Helen Watt, Gertje Joukes and Noortje Jansen.

The Table of Contents is listed below. Please visit our web site http://genderandset.open.ac.uk to download free copies of any of these papers.

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Clem Herman
The Open University
c.herman at open.ac.uk
Editor: International Journal of Gender Science and Technology

International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology Vol 5, No 3 (2013) Table of Contents

Special Issue: Gendered Pathways Towards (and away from) STEM Fields
Editorial: Gendered Pathways Towards (and away from) STEM Fields (178-183)
        Helen Watt,     Noortje Jansen, Gertje Joukes

Keynote - Gender and STEM: Opting in versus dropping out (184-186)
        Jacquelynne S. Eccles

(How) Does Gender Matter in the Choice of a STEM Teaching Career and Later Teaching Behaviours? (187-206)
        Helen M. G. Watt,       Paul W. Richardson,     Christelle Devos

Mathematics Interest and Achievement: What Role Do Perceived Parent and Teacher Support Play? A Longitudinal Analysis (207-231)
        Rebecca Lazarides,      Angela Ittel

The Role of Peer Support for Girls and Women in STEM: Implications for Identity and Anticipated Retention (232-253)
        Rachael Robnett

Gender-related Values, Perceptions of Discrimination, and Mentoring in STEM Graduate Training (254-280)
        Amy Roberson Hayes,     Rebecca S. Bigler

Is the Brain the Key to a Better Understanding of Gender Differences in the Classroom? (281-291)
        Jeffrey Derks,  Lydia Krabbendam

Gender and STEM in Germany: Policies Enhancing Women's Participation in Academia (292-304)
        Kathinka L. Best,       Ulrike Sanwald, Susanne Ihsen,  Angela Ittel

Long Term, Interrelated Interventions to Increase Women’s Participation in STEM in the Netherlands (305-316)
        Noortje Jansen, Gertje Joukes

The Influence of a Two-Day Recruitment Event on Female Upper Secondary Students’ Motivation for Science and Technology Higher Education (317-337)
        Fredrik Jensen, Maria Vetleseter Bøe

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