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Light up your idea!

The leading swiss startup competition seeks for the 10th time the best business ideas and the best business plans!
>>venture>> participants will receive extensive coaching, expert support, networking opportunities and attractive prizes.

Submission deadline for ideas or business plans for one of the competitions is Apr. 17.

Flyer https://gallery.mailchimp.com/fa534c8735df371d831bfc203/files/Venture_15_Flyer_148x210_HE_November.pdf
Homepage http://www.venture.ch/


Luca Regazzoni

>>venture>> Project Office

luca.regazzoni at venture.ch<mailto:luca.regazzoni at venture.ch>

079 477 82 16

ETH Zürich
Stelle für Chancengleichheit ETH Zürich
Clausiusstrasse 37
CH - 8092 Zürich

equal at sl.ethz.ch<mailto:equal at sl.ethz.ch>

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