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Dear Equals,

I got this request and I am happy to pass this request to you.

Antonija Burčul wants to know if any awesome and motivated MAVT or ITET
student would like to help organise a *“Women in Data Science” conference*.

Link: http://www.widsconference.org

>From Antonija:

Women in Data Science is a really awesome initiative -- the main conference
is once a year at Stanford, with satellite events in more than 80 different
locations around the world -- they still don't have Switzerland among them
and I thought how awesome it would be to put it on the map! :)

It would be great to get an ETH student to be the main organiser, and all
of us to be in supporting functions because we already know how to do this,
and for the student this would be a great learning experience to learn how
to manage a project and people involved from multiple institutions and

Organizing the event is definitely a commitment, as it needs to be decided
on an event format (livestream only, or livestream + local speakers), book
a venue, and manage the program and logistics. Judy Logan, the main
organising powerhouse @ Stanford, has written a WiDS Ambassador guide to
help you through the process, and also has developed event planning
templates to make the job easier. There is enough of time, though, as the
next conference is next March 5, 2018. The first deadline is providing the
registration information by the end of September (or at least by December
31) to coincide with the Stanford event registration.

In addition, Judy wants to introduce you to our WiDS Ambassador at Google.
They were interested in hosting an event last year in Zurich, but were not
able to quite pull it off. She suspects with collaboration, an event can
happen in Zurich in 2018.

If you feel motivated and want to get in touch with Antonja please write to
her via burculantonija at gmail.com. It would be great to have this awesome
event in Zurich.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Jaël Keller


Jaël Keller

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