[Equal] Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of eDemocracy and Digital Economic Policy

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Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of eDemocracy and Digital Economic Policy

The Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (www.mtec.ethz.ch) at ETH Zurich invites applications for the above-mentioned position.

The new assistant professorship will be part of a research cluster that particularly addresses the potential and limitations of digitization across all departments and chairs of ETH Zurich, with a focus on digitization in public economics in general and in democracies, in particular. At department level, the new chair will work in close connection with the existing chairs of Public Economics and of Macroeconomics: Innovation and Policy.

The assistant professorship shall combine recent insights in game theory, mechanism design, political economy analysis and public policies for the digital economy. Most notably, it builds on recent advances in IT security, which offer novel solutions to the fundamental problem of democracy: aggregating the preferences and beliefs of the members of a large society in a fair and robust manner. Digitization thus allows the design and (experimental) introduction of new collective decision-making procedures that - with the help of data gathering and other technologies - might lead to better decisions. Digitization also offers new tools that facilitate more direct citizen involvement in the existing democratic processes, which could result in an expansion of the scope of action in democracy. This would also include the threats digitization creates for democracy and how they can be prevented. Digitization poses as well new challenges in the regulation of digital platforms and taxation of their activities, which the new assistant professor can address. Thereby, she or he would work on public policy rules that take advantage of digitization while preventing problems that might arise from it.

We are looking for researchers in the field of eDemocracy and Digital Economic Policy who hold a doctoral degree in economics or computer science or related fields. At the assistant professor level, commitment to teaching and the ability to lead a research group are expected.

Assistant professorships have been established to promote the careers of younger scien­tists. ETH Zurich implements a tenure track system equivalent to other top international universities.

Please apply online: www.facultyaffairs.ethz.ch

Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a list of publications and projects, a statement of future research and teaching interests, and a description of the three most important achievements. The letter of application should be addressed to the President of ETH Zurich, Prof. Dr. Joël Mesot. The closing date for applications is 29 February 2020. ETH Zurich is an equal opportunity and family friendly employer, strives to increase the number of women professors, and is responsive to the needs of dual career couples.

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