[Oberon] Bluebottle contributions

Aubrey McIntosh mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us
Thu Jan 1 22:08:47 CET 2004

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At 09:17 AM 12/23/2003, you wrote:
>are there more code contributions for Bluebottle like WebDAV that 
>could/should go into the (new) AosContributions.zip for the next release ?
>If so, please contact me before January 15, 2004 to discuss the details.

If someone can do a beta test on my tiny SMTP server, please drop me a 
note.  Although the code will stay up for several weeks, and receive 
hundreds of messages correctly, there are also problems.

It works under the 5/22/2001 latest stable release.

In particular, when the incoming email is large (14K spam) the disk I/O 
appears to do a head seek for each character written.  Then the upstream 
ISP times out and resends.  Ultimately, the system will not perform any 
additional disk I/O and I re-boot.  It is not stable enough for prime time.

I can't locate the problem.  So I want a survey to see if some other 
hardware or system configuration does work ok.

I can't upload the code at the moment.  However, I will put it in 
http://www.jump.net/~vima/Bluebottle/ available Jan 3.

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