[Oberon] NO WebDAV Problems blacklisted

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Sat Jan 3 17:22:47 CET 2004

Hi Oberoners,
normally this would have been a private mail to Chris but alas ...
there is a problem. So the payload needs a short prelude.

If seems that my ISP (A big German one, hosting millions of domains) is
blacklisted with dnsbl.sorbs.net because on 2.1.2004 there was 1 spam detected
originating from them (IP
So I can't reach Chris by mail. I immediately sent a mail to my IPS.
As I get a about 50 to 100 spams a day I sympathize with what SORBS is doing.
If you have a look at http://www.edgarschwarz.de/spam you will find some files
containing thousands of spam mail headers I collected the last months.
I planned to create my private hall of fame of spamming mailserver IPs like
SORBS and publish it there. But experiencing SORBS I have to reconsider my plans.

OTOH I have a problem how SORBS is working. If I'm wrong in some facts please
correct me. But that's the situation AFAIK.
- We have Saturday now and I don't suppose somebody at my provider will read my
  mail before Monday. So the question is how long it takes until my ISP will react.
  In the meantime there will be perhaps trouble for thousands
  of customers which are innocent. This depends how many ISPs use SORBS.
- I would like to get information on at least the complete header information
  of the last (In my case single) spam which caused the listing as a spammer.
  This also could give the ISP the information to look into the criminal act.
- So perhaps you should differ between small and big ISPs. An ISP like mine who
  hosts millions of domains can't guarantee that once in a while one of it's
  customers is sending spam I guess.
  You are potentially hurting millions for punishing one.
  This is out of proportion IMHO. It begins with me wasting a lot of time
  having a look at dnsbl.sorbs.net and writing this mail :-(

So that was the prelude. Now comes the payload.

Hi Chris,
at first I want to wish you a happy new year !

easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:
> This starts filling in some questions - but from the 'bottom'.
> I will write a skeleton HOW2 'from the top' - the way humans best learn.
That would be nice to give me an example what you mean by: 'from the top'.
A very rough skeleton would be okay. As extensive as necessary to give
me the idea.

> (* Copyright GNU Public License 2003.
> Author. Edgar Schwarz
> Contents. Dummy to interface with NO NetSystem
> Remarks. Should contain only what's absolutely necessary to run a WebDAV client on N
> ...
> ==> 'got' only part of no.AosDNS.Mod
Correct. There is sometimes a problem with reading from the connection. I already saw
it on the client side with Bluebottle. Will have a look also on NO. I suspect it being
in connection Receive or Available.
Unfortunately a problem which seems to depend on timing (E.g. processor speed,
connection speed)

> {HTTP Client : GET http://webdav.ethz.ch/nodav/src/no.AosDNS.Mod}
> {Connection.Receive: size, min, read, res 4096    1    1    0}
> {Connection.Receive: size, min, read, res 4096    1  237    0}
> {HTTP Client : HTTP/1.1  200}
> {HTTP Client : resHeader.contentlength =  671}
> vor LOOP{Connection.Receive: size, min, read, res 4096    0    0    0}
> {HTTP Client : reader avail =    0}
> {Connection.Receive: size, min, read, res 4096    0  343    0}
> {HTTP Client : reader avail =  343}
Here seems to be the problem. It tells that data is available but it seems
not to be read corectly.
> {HTTP Client : Timeout: waited for 10000 ms}

Thanks for your logs ! I will check it the next days.

Regards, Edgar

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