[Oberon] Re. NO WebDAV Problems blacklisted

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Jan 4 21:22:04 CET 2004

Edgar wrote:-
> As I get a about 50 to 100 spams a day I sympathize with what 
> SORBS is doing.

We victims of SVEN got 100 per hour - mostly with BIG attatchments,
overflowing the10Mb quota in one hour.

easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:
> > This starts filling in some questions - but from the 'bottom'.
> > I will write a skeleton HOW2 'from the top' - the way humans best learn.

> That would be nice to give me an example what you mean 
> by: 'from the top'.
The paradigm of 'management by objectives' and 'top-down design'
was popular in the 70's. 

The project must be seen as a heirarchy/tree.
And the higher goal(s) must be known before their components are

I guess WebDAV's final goal is to allow collaboration on different
  versions of different projects ?
If so you perhaps have [and note the tree structure]:
     ID, password
           execute - perhaps
            apparently from what I read the files have 'attributes' which are 

In a top-down view, one knows why the attributes are important, before
one knows how to get the attributes.
Ie. you know the 'what' before you worry about the implementation

> A very rough skeleton would be okay. 
> As extensive as necessary to give me the idea.
> > ==> 'got' only part of no.AosDNS.Mod
> Correct. There is sometimes a problem with reading from the connection. 
> I already saw it on the client side with Bluebottle. 
> Will have a look also on NO. 
> I suspect it being in connection Receive or Available.
> Unfortunately a problem which seems to depend on timing (E.g. processor 
> speed, connection speed)

Timing problems can be very difficult to trace on inet systems.
Each test-run costs resources.

== Chris Glur.

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