[Oberon] WinAos networking problems

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 16:01:59 CET 2004

Hello Felix,

Thanks for getting back with me on this.  I did
download version 1.08 and I'm still having the
same problems.  I'm out of the office right
now so I can't give you details, but the basic
issue is AosTCP seems to be timing out when
I try to establish a connection from behind a
firewall.  I'm put trace statements in to compare
what's happening to what happens when Netsystem
in PluginOberon makes the connection.  I can
send these to you Monday.


John M. Drake
--- Felix Friedrich <friedrich at gsf.de> wrote:
> Hi John,
> sorry for not answering your email for such a long
> time, but - believe it 
> or not - I have just found it in my mail list. The
> problem was, that I have 
> sorted the mails by date and there have been a lot
> of emails from November 
> 2004 (!) in my mailbox hiding older mails. sorry,
> sorry, sorry.
> I'll try to have a look at the described problems
> during the weekend, if 
> you keep observring them with the new version. Would
> you please try and 
> tell me?
> Felix.
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