[Oberon] n-o: find files containing string-set ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Feb 15 05:24:05 CET 2004

   perhaps some one can supply the source code for this useful
algorithm which I really am getting to need:

For EachOfFileSet
   For EachOfStringSet
      IF NextString NOT in File then EXIT this file
   ListFile {which contains each of the strings in any order}

Perhaps one can adapt:
RX.Grep ( filename | "*" ) [option] RegExpr
 if "*"  could handle <SpecialPartitonForThis>:*
Except that my tests show I don't understand how to represent:
" string1" AND "string2".
And then one would need 2 runs to handle the order for 2 strings,
and 6 runs for 3 strings ?

BTW string searching must be one of THE greatest demands for heavy 
usage general IT.   The multiple partitions which allow different
'concept' spaces is a great help.   Additionally I find that for big
partitons, speed-up by skipping *.Bak files is easily acheived, by
[instead of using Find.Panel], have on hand <partnID>:SearchList .
Where <partnID>:SearchList is made by:
1.  System.Directory <partnID>:*
2. System.Store   the directory
3. RX.Grep Directory \i   ".Bak"
4. re-name as <partnID>:SearchList and store

I have a set of:
Configuration.DoText Mount<partitionName>
in my main Tool.
Each one typically has the following 6 lines:-----

!OFSTools.Mount  Legal  AosFS  IDE1#28  ~ <-- rotate Bakup  8 June 2003 

OFSTools.Mount  Legal  AosFS IDE0#28  ~

! System.Directory  Legal:* 

! OFSTools.Unmount  Legal

!  SmartDir.Directory Legal:*\r 3  <-- very useful; edit "3" to step back in time

! Legal:SearchList 

And the <partnID>:SearchList is typically a few hundred files 
wrapped thus:---

Updated 2004 Jan 18  Find.All ^


The n-o documentation which advises having 2 or 3 partitions, show
a lack of appreciation of the increased power of having many separate
"concept spaces".  But now one really needs to be able to find files 
containing multiple strings.      Related to this need, I think that if
google died tomorrow, the world would shake !

Thanks for any help.

Chris Glur.

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