[Oberon] A little bit ahead of the time: http://bluebottle.ethz.ch/downloads/crazy/WebAos.html

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Feb 16 23:06:47 CET 2004

> Is there 'controversial' content on that page that requires a special 
> browser?
No, the page is not special at all. I have tried 5 different browsers, 
right now. From my place there is no problem. At ~ 15:20 GMT + 1 I have 
started the new TCP-Stack on the Server.

> In Internet Explorer the links throw an Error 400, Bad Request.
Maybe the request does not get through correctly --> indicating some 
further/new bug in the TCP stack, first guess: MSS handling. 
Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce the problem locally and also 
not via several DSL providers in Switzerland.

Could you try ping-ing bluebottle with different packet sizes ?
ping -l 1000 bluebottle.ethz.ch
ping -l 1100 bluebottle.ethz.ch
ping -l 1200 bluebottle.ethz.ch
ping -l 1300 bluebottle.ethz.ch
ping -l 1400 bluebottle.ethz.ch

and do a binary search to figure out what limitations there are on the 
way from your place to the server.

Also a
tracert/traceroute bluebottle.ethz.ch
could be helpful, too.

You can send trace directly to frey at inf.ethz.ch to avoid spaming the 
mail list ;-)

Maybe we can try to disable the MSS handling, tomorrow; I dont like 
trying it remotely without physical access to the server because of a 
probable lock-out.


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