[Oberon] VESA code removed in Bluebottle?

Daniel Keller keller at creacare.com
Fri Apr 2 14:23:34 CEST 2004

As far as I understand, each vesa mode has an assigned refresh rate. There is no way to run mode "11A" with 100 Hz. Your graphic
adapter is supposed to support  at least a dozen of VESA2 modes. Choose your favourite one.

But ask fischer at inf.ethz.ch for more details. He has implemented Bb's bootloader and is familiar with VESA.

VESA 3.0 is not yet supported. If you are going to implement  it, drop us your code;-)


Nice to hear this!

Yes, 11A or 11B are VESA codes for 1280x1024 screen resulution. This
is fine for my 19" CRT-monitor, but I think this code will give me
again only 60Hz refresh rate. And 60Hz refresh rate is a pain for my
eyes on my Sony G400. Is there a way to increase refresh rate? I was
not able to find the module which is now responsible for VESA stuff,
but I have to admit that I have not done a systematic search. Can you
tell me which module I have to look at? (My graphic card is Matrox
G450, it is VESA 3.0 compliant, and I have the VESA 3.0 Manual)

Best regards


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