[Oberon] Re: Gadgets with long strings

Patrick.Hunziker at unibas.ch Patrick.Hunziker at unibas.ch
Mon Apr 19 11:29:47 CEST 2004

One way would be to extend a TextFields.TextField for your purpose. 
Fortunately, Emil Zeller has already done this in a similar way in 
PasswordFields.Mod :
Use that Module as a skeleton, rename it, look at TYPE FrameDesc* and 
PROCEDURE Handler*() and adapt just those fields/functionalities that are 
suited to your needs.

Alternatively, use a TextGadget.Frame, eliminate the scrollbar and the 
automatic scrolling (by setting the appropriate flags in .state or .state0 
fields), and you have a text displaying gadget with arbitrary length text. 
Here, you can not access a command string a simple as above, but you would 
need to parse the text for the command. This means less implementation of 
Handlers, but a little more implementation on retrieval of the text.

Another simple possibility would be to use the TextGadgets.Caption , because 
this is also a text displaying gadgets with a full Texts.Text as its "hidden" 
model, that is capable of displaying longer texts than a TextField.

A forth possibility of having multiple Textfields displaying multiple parts of 
your command sequence would be simplest, but probably not adequate.

My recommendation: remain in the Gadgets World for Gadgets extension, and use 
Oberon-1 for such endeavors because currently, Gadgets work on any Oberon 


John Stout wrote:
>I would like to implement a model gadget for the connection/command, which
>could then be attached to a panel document and automatically connect to the
>ODBC source and open a cursor on the specified command, but the Gadgets
>system uses strings which are 64 (63 plus terminator) long, which is not
>long enough for arbitrary SQL statements. Does anyone have any suggestions
>as to how I can implement this? 

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