[Oberon] Re. Mail.Panel / NetSystem woes

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon May 3 21:47:18 CEST 2004

Jack wrote:-
> Using Mail.Panel in Bluebottle to try to retrieve my mail, I get a 
> message in the system log saying the pop user has not been set (though 
> it has).  Setting the password seems to work fine, but either pulling 
> from Oberon.Text or trying the override in the panel does not seem to 
> work.  Any suggestions?
> I also see the framework in/for BimboMail and am considering hacking 
> something together just to see if I can.

I'm guessing that "Mail.Panel in Bluebottle" is based on [copied from]
Mail.Panel in "Mail.Panel in n-o" ??

Inet working can be quiet problematic because part of the enviroment:
the modem, telco-line, ISP [usualy set up for MS clients] is out of
your control.

Here are some of my experiences with n-o:
*  n-o standAlone V 2.3.2 would not connect with Mail.Panel .
   After some investigation I guessed that it could be a marginal
       timing issue which could be confirmed by different hardware.
*  n-o DOSbased V 2.3.6 would not connect with Mail.Panel ,
      but TextMail.* was OK.
*  n-o 2001 connects both  Mail.Panel and TextMail.*

I don't think the source code was changed [perhaps I should check ?],
so I imagine the success or failure is due to critical timing.

When my ISP(s) changed, I had 2 problems with login and email
[which I have discussed here], and which I hacked-around/patched 
the source-code.

I few days ago NewsGroups were inaccessable under n-o, with what
looked like an error message from the server.  Linux pine and Win3.1
Forte Agent [another killer-ap] connected OK, so I guessed it being 
another [like the 2 previous] n-o assumption which didn't comply
with the RFC.    Now today after 4 days failure, the news-server 
connects.  I'm guessing that other clients complained and the  
news-server admin. restored the changes which they had made.

So one is working partly in the dark.
When the SWEN virus hit, my ISP "help desk" insisted that there was
NO PROBLEM.   I was the only clown in the universe who though there
was a problem !!     Be prepared for frustration.

== Chris Glur.

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