Re (2): [Oberon] PSPrinter.Mod

shark at shark at
Wed May 5 01:10:51 CEST 2004


b> To the best of my remembrance ... Ctrl-D should 
not be harmful if it is not required, ...

Do the manuals for the new PostScript 
printers mention this?  There is a LaserJet 
4P manual here.  In a troubleshooting table, 
page 8-16, "end-of-job" is mentioned.  
Seems that all PostScript printers might use 
04X to signal end-of-job and the machines at 
the ETH have AUTO-CONTINUE set on.  That way 
the job is assumed finished after a time-out, 
and there is no error.  A sloppy way.  Better 
to send the 04X properly.

When there is time to spare I'll look to see 
what is involved in putting a parameter in 
Oberon.Text.  Tips are welcome.

Thanks,             Peter

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