[Oberon] Why should I investigate Blue-bottle ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Jun 7 18:31:31 CEST 2004

Compare these possible reasons to justify 'looking at NO':
1.  if minimum resources are important,
2.  if you have already invested knowledge in any of the algol family
3. if you collect a large volume of texts [probalbly from the inet]
    which needs to be: searched, analysed, extracted, colated, 
   colour-clasified  ..etc., in order to extract the contents/knowledge
   with minimum effort.
4. if you acknowledge the loss of concentration [for rapid use] from the
      conventional need to eye-scan from text-screen to key-board.
      The reflex-cording-mouse becomes no more distracting than 
5. if you want open source where compilation takes seconds instead 
   of tens of minutes.  And where the stuff is just under the surface
   instead of deep inside a tree needing scripts to make Makefiles
   to ........RTFMssss.

6. others ....?

What would Blue-bottle offer me ?

Will Blue-bottle solve these NO 'problems', better than existing 

* every time I look at System.Directory *.Obj I see more
applications which apparently have no documentation, like
Scheme.Obj , SchemeOps.Obj which apparently relates to the
Lispy-language Scheme,

* cater for ISP ID containing unusual but not invalid per RFC
   chars like "@",

* cater for Mailservers which don't immediately answer,
   <Your have N mails>, as apprarently was 'common'
  at one time  - ie. conventional but NOT as per RFC,

* fetch: http:// * pdf , *.doc  and other non-viewable formats,
    I haven't yet got a work-around for this. Edgar gave me a patch
    for Oberon.Text @ 'MIME' which fixed some formats,

* avoid apparent dead-end-state in PPP when connection aborts
     unintendedly ?

== Chris Glur.

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