[Oberon] Re: Wiki

Treutwein Bernhard Bernhard.Treutwein at Verwaltung.Uni-Muenchen.DE
Wed Jun 9 16:28:43 CEST 2004

Soren wrote:

>I promise I will post something good if there is a wiki. 
>   Sincerely, sr

It is already here http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/cgi-bin/moin
although still empty, but Edgar noted:

> > mailing list and the list operated by Edgar both have 
> > little traffic.
> I just started it for a German audience but the English helpfiles 
> also are available. After the next weekend when the elections here 
> are over I will create an Oberon oriented start page. 
> Or somebody do it. Please call it 'ComputersOberon'
> when you link to it from my mainpage.
> And I really don't fear that it will be swamped with traffic :-)
> But I think it will be interesting. In theory Wikis are great but 
> will it also work out for an Oberon topic ?

	Bernhard Treutwein

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