Re (2): [Oberon] Re: Wiki

edgar at edgar at
Fri Jun 11 22:36:38 CEST 2004

John Drake <jmdrake_98 at> wrote:
> Fine.  I've gone there and made a comment.  It was:
> Ok. Thanks. Now how do we add pages to this thing?
The Wiki way naturally :-) If you edit a page and your
text contains a camel (Also called wiki name) it's assumed
that this is the name of a new page. When you click on it
the systems finds out that it doesn't exist yet and lets you
create it.
Now what's a camel besides an animal and a method to name Variables ?
WikiWiki and OberonMap are wiki names. wikiWiki and oberonMap aren't.
You get it ? :-) You can also search for pages containing "Help".

> as I already noted, the issue isn't "traffic".
> It's "organization" and "content".
For organisation I think we could add a page 'OberonMap' to discuss
structuring of the information.


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