[Oberon] Re: Text search is THE main task.

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 15 20:08:52 CEST 2004

--- easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:
> John Drake wrote:-
> --- snip --
> > Anyway if you look in RX.Tool you will see that 
> > RX has a "Grep" command.  As it is designed it 
> > will allow you to return all of the lines from 
> > a particular file that fits a search pattern.  
> > It would be trivial to extend it to search 
> > mulitple files.
> Well as I've indicated, 'Find' already does multiple
> files, and it would be trivial for someone [ELSE ;-]
> to extend it to search for a set of strings [in any
> order] all contained in some of a set of files.

Well I extended RX to handle multiple files.  It took
longer than expected because I ran into a bug in
RX.  RX as shipped won't handle files containing
charecters over 138.  That's fine for a lot of things
(all ASCII files for instance) but Oberon Text can
have charecters over 138.  I'm not sure why this
wasn't caught before.  It took me a while to realize
that the problem existed in RX as shipped and not
in the changes I had made.

Anyway I've added a command RX.GrepAll that will
search all files meeting a specific pattern.
For instance:

RX.GrepAll "*.Mod" ("Write" | "String")

would return all lines from all modules containing
the words "Write" or "String".  Of course that's
an "or" type search.  It looks like you're wanting
to do "and" searches.

> Edgar  who wrote:_
> > The problem is that I have to find WebNavigator
> first. I'm sure it's still
> > somewhere on my disk :-)
> I believe that ascii-text is ascii-text inside of
> *.Obj ?
> Thanks,

A text search facility is the wrong tool for that
job IMO.  Edgar could easily go to the 
Documents.Panel, type "WebNav*" in the search
box and click the "Show" button.  That would 
should all files in the Oberon search path that
began with the string "WebNav".  Or in this case
it might be better to go to the website to be
sure and have the latest copy.



John M. Drake

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